How REALTORS® Are Paid

You may rely upon the expertise of a Realtor to help you buy or sell a home – but you may not know how your Realtor is compensated for their professional service. 


Seller Pays the Commission to the Listing Broker.

And then the total commission is split 4 ways

between the listing and selling brokers

and the representing Realtors.

Listing broker splits with the Listing realtor.

Selling broker splits with the Selling realtor.


Did you know:

  • Realtors are only paid for their results–  if and when they successfully close a property transaction. 

  • Realtors have ongoing out-of-pocket expenses similar to those of any small business. Expenses such as insurances of all kinds, Continuing Education, licenses fees, membership fees, bookkeepers, office supplies and overhead.  

  • Marketing expenses such as professional photography, printing and advertising associated with selling each property.  

  • Signage of many sorts.

  • And lots of gas too :)